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3D - Real-Time Simulations

After advanced conceptual design of a system, in most cases, a simulation of the movements are indispensable for ensuring that all works correctly. Interference contours and geometric errors are solved in the static condition, while the 2D-3D views determine development. ii_intelligent_ideas © provides you with 3D - Real-time simulations which demonstrate insights that may affect the functionality, reliability and cost of your system.

3D - Real-time simulations also assist with the transfer of visual results and progress. Oftentimes, customers' questions are answered by demonstrating an expanded simulation.

Example of a professional cycle-time simulation, from:


  • Mouselook activate [left Mousebutton]
  • key [1] Start cycle - key [2] Stop cycle
  • key [Entf/Del] Reset sim - key [Esc] Stop sim
  • key [0] Info on - key [9] Info off
  • A1 [Arrowkeys left/right]- A2 [Arrowkeys up/down]
  • A3 [NUMkeys 1/3] - A4 [NUMkeys 4/6]
  • A5 [NUMkeys 7/9] - A6 [NUMkeys 8/2]
  • Gripper open/close [NUMkeys 0/5]

Apple systems do not support the simulation plugin 'Burster'