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Real-Time Project Tracking

When realizing Mechatronic automation projects, it is necessary to establish and weigh milestone decisions at various points during the project. Often this is only possible if the purchaser of an automated system knows precisely what certain technical matters mean for him, and which of these matters will have consequences for him.

ii_intelligent_ideas ©. can assist you in making these connections transparent, and also help you make your final decisions. Working with ii_intelligent_ideas ©. will save you money and keep your project moving forward on schedule.

Our years of experience in the field of automation have led to our sophisticated approach to project management, plus the use of special software developed exclusively by ii_intelligent_ideas ©.

Our software can be customized to user groups before or during the project. Individually tailored features can be implemented at any time to the project flow without disturbing either the flow or losing data. All of these services ensure continuous project documentation with simultaneous transmission of real-time information to relevant decision makers. All persons involved can have direct or indirect access to the requested information, which is provided in real time so as not to delay the project flow. A special workflow tool prevents loss of tracking for details over a long period of time. At any point, various reports can be exported from the software about the status of the project with only one "click". ii_intelligent_ideas © exact documentation and knowledge puts you in a better position in case of claims cost negotiations.

ii_intelligent_ideas © real-time project tracking ensures that your project ends on schedule, that it does not exceed budget requirements, that the use of materials is restricted to the necessary amount, and that employees' working time is utilized most efficiently. With the experience of ii_intelligent_ideas © on your side, you get an automated system that performs as you planned it.