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Assembly lines

Many products are manufactured or assembled on an assembly line. There are processes that can be automatic, semi-automatic or manual. In an assembly line environment, it is crucial that the speed of flow and the process quality are consistent to achieve the desired product outcome.

ii_intelligent_ideas © has both experience and innovative abilities to assure your desired results in any assembly line process. We examine and analyze all activities in each of your assembly line processes to obtain the most pertinent and accurate information to ensure a timely and quality product at the end of the line.

ii_intelligent_ideas © provides our customers with:

  • Conceptual system design
  • Technical validation of the system
  • Suggestions for system partners
  • Latest technologies on the market
  • Benefit/cost balance accounting
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Transparent project planning
  • Investment plan
  • Feasibility study