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Application Programming (Software Development)

ii_intelligent_ideas © specializes in developing applications for data processing. There are software solutions that are far beyond the capabilities of Excel or Access. It is an option to fully or partially adjust a program so that your computer can fully exploit your company's automated processes. In order to perfect the fit, the computer hardware in some projects will be extended to other components. This fit leads to "Totally Integrated Automation.".

The system involves the ability to control and watch anything from a control room monitor, or any other location management deems necessary. Continuous data from the documentation, generated reports, and statistics help to draw conclusions about why some processes are not run smoothly. The compiled information will point to the precise areas for improvement and investment decisions. This, in turn, means the possibility for "continuous improvement."

A specific computer program that is assigned to a task allows for the primary function to be accomplished efficiently and in a timely manner. We can't buy time, but we can ensure that we use time efficiently. The purpose of ii_intelligent_ideas © customized software applications (programs) is to reach this goal. Through these applications, we are able to display data in a transparent way in order to investigate processes. Manual jobs, once analyzed, can be converted to software applications to make the job more efficient.

ii_intelligent_ideas © is developing and programming software for you.

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